We work with Elite Sporting Organisations to help with issues around mindset and wellbeing.

We work with coaches, athletes and members of the athlete’s support network.

Coach Development

Our team work with your coaches to develop an understanding and approaches to nurturing athlete engagement, mindset & wellbeing. 

Focusing on the application of Self Determination Theory of Motivation, Fixed & Growth Mindset Theory and the application of Mindfulness Practices, we can help take your coaching to the next level. 

100% of coaches who have been through our coach education programs would recommend us to other coaches of elite athletes. 


We work with athletes to support them around their 3Ms.




By developing their 3Ms athletes are able to enhance their performance and wellbeing, both on and off the field. 

Sporting Organisations

We work with National Sporting Organisations as critical friends, consultants and coaches in order to help them get the best out of their athletes, coaches and stakeholders. Both on and off the field. 

Some of the people we work with include...

It was inspiring, the presentation allowed us to think differently in regard to how we make decisions both inside and outside the footballing environment of the NRL. It provided us with valuable tools to use in our future decision making.

Canberra Raiders

2019 1st Grade NRL Squad