At Cut Through Coaching & Consulting, we work with organisations as critical friends to address issues of leadership, engagement, wellbeing & mindset. We work with individuals, small groups or your whole community to develop coaching programs tailored to your specific needs. Our clients are diverse and include publicly listed companies, sporting organisations, educational institutions as well as small to medium enterprises and the not-for-profit sector.

What We Offer

1:1 Executive Coaching

Our 1:1 Executive Coaching approach sees us engage with leaders for a minimum 12 month period.


After a rigorous 360 Feedback Survey, we enlist the people with whom the leader works most in order to develop a program that guarantees leadership growth.  

Team Coaching

We work with teams to enhance their effective around issues of: 

Emotional Intelligence,Psychological Safety, Team Dynamics & High Performance

As well as team sessions, members of the teams also benefit from 1:1 coaching with us. 

Offsites & Workshops

We facilitate retreats and workshops for leadership groups that encourage reflection and action around agreed goals. 

“They created immediate ‘cut through’ and a lasting high-quality impact on a wide- ranging group of leaders from our ASX 20 listed company. The feedback was the highest for any external contributor over the past 7 years.

I rarely provide recommendations but am delighted to do so for Dan Haesler & his team and would encourage you to explore how they can work with your organisation to not only improve individual and team performance, but make an ongoing and lasting impact.”

Phillip Austin

President | Asia Pacific

Some of the People We Work With