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The Habits of Leadership podcast brings together the world’s best for insightful conversations to help you and the people around you to thrive. 

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Below are just some of our world-class guests.

Learn from Best-Selling Authors

Daniel H Pink

Best-selling author of Drive

Liz Wiseman

Best-selling author of Multipliers

James Kerr

Best-selling author of Legacy

Learn from the World's Leading Experts

Professor Amy Edmondson

World's Leading Expert in Psychological Safety

Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett

World's Leading Expert in Neuroscience

Professor Carol Dweck

World's Leading Expert in Mindset

Learn from World Class Athletes

Anna Meares

4 x Olympian & recognised as the greatest ever female Track Cyclist

Pat Cummins

Australian Cricket Captain & World #1 Bowler

Jana Pittman

Summer & Winter Olympian and Medical Doctor

Other Guests Include...

Stan Grant


Award-Winning Journalist

Kim Scott


Best-Selling Author of Radical Candor

Lindsa McIntyre

Dr Lindsa McIntyre

Award-Winning Educator

Lucy Hone

Dr Lucy

Resilience Researcher & Best-Selling Author

and many more...

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