Thrive - Professionally & personally

Vision & Values

We help people to thrive - professionally & personally.

This is as true for the Cut Through team as it is our clients.

The work is enjoyable & rewarding.

We consider the wellbeing/interests of our team & clients when choosing engagements.

We put people before profits.

We do what we say we’re going to do & and we do it as well as we can.

We do not ‘milk’ an engagement.

We look out for each other.

We personise* our work.

We’re curious as to what makes our clients tick.

Clients see us as part of their team.

*Personisation is a term developed by Edgar & Peter Schein, and is defined as “the process of mutually building working relationships with a fellow employee, team-mate, boss, subordinate, or colleague based on trying to see that person as a whole, not just in the role that he or she may occupy at that moment.” 

Creativity & initiative are encouraged.

If we have an idea… we run with it.

We trust ourselves and each other.

We have a culture of personal & collective learning & growth.

We value useful feedback over ‘glowing’ feedback.

Any perceived failures/setbacks are seen as opportunities to learn, grow & develop.

We recognise we’re lucky that we get to do ‘this.’

We consistently strive to improve what we do and how we do it.

Practice makes progress.

Our work impacts the people we work with – on an individual and collective level. 

Our work also gives us a platform to support significant societal causes.

We use our skills & talents to do work we love that helps people to thrive.

We deliberately take a moment to recognise and celebrate the impact we have in our work. 

We do this through sharing feedback, stories and use this as the foundation to continually develop.

We achieve the above through a culture of collaboration, respect & consideration for each other and our clients.

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+61 (0)2 9567 4793