Thrive - Professionally & personally

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8 x 2hr Coaching Workshops which take place online via Zoom.
Two per term 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Our Experienced Coaches 

All our coaches bring an array of tools and perspectives that will help teaches discover their best and they are all experienced in the classroom (They’ve been there!)

Our App

Our App encourages teachers to stay connected to the program, their new habits and each other and builds a community for personal and professional learning..

Essential Information

This is NOT traditional teaching & learning PL.
Rather, we aim to empower your teachers to thrive so all your other PL efforts are maximised.
By encouraging professional reflection, together we’ll explore how teachers can:
Manage Self & Others
Develop Professional & Personal Resilience
Deal with Stress
Avoid Burnout
Develop Strategies and Tools for ‘Difficult Conversations’
Enhance Mindset & Wellbeing
and more…

It’s What Teachers Need

Habits for Life is based on what the latest research into Teacher Wellbeing tells us and combines it with tried & tested frameworks, tools and techniques to help teachers be the best version of themselves.

No Need for Casuals (Not that you can probably find any!)

And that’s the point. We know how real the teacher shortage is right now. So, by facilitating coaching workshops outside of school hours, you don’t need to find casuals, or rely on already busy colleagues to cover classes.

The Dates for 2024 are:

Term 1 – 27th Feb & 2nd Apr
Term 2 – 7th May & 25th June
Term 3 – 6th Aug & 10th Sept
Term 4 – 29th Oct & 26th Nov

All sessions are 3:30pm – 5:30pm Sydney Time

Investment: 995 +GST per participant

Flexible payment is available

Contact us anytime.

02 9331 3099

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