Here you’ll find some more reading about the stuff we covered in our workshops…

Feel free to contact us if you would like a copy of the slides, have any questions, or would like to explore working with us in the future.

Leadership Links

Appreciative Inquiry

Self Determination Theory

Coaching Your Team

Engagement Links

Take the Signature Strengths Survey

Ways to use Character Strengths

Take a course on EdX or Coursera

Write your own Personal Mission Statement

Mindset Links

Wellbeing Links

The Five Ways to Wellbeing

Mindfulness Exercises for you to try

Positivity Ratio – Barbara Fredrickson

Write a Gratitude Letter

Active Constructive Responding 

Education Specific LINKS

Some Engaging Ideas


Curated Mindset Resources

Dylan Wiliam: Feedback on Learning

Dylan Wiliam: Applying this thinking in Maths

Response to Assessment Feedback – Grades, Praise & Sources of Information

Expeditionary Learning

Austin’s Butterfly: Watch the clip

Making Learning Visible: Project Zero

MIndset Feedback Matrix

Framing Tool

Developing the Theory of Formative Assessment

John Hattie & Helen Timperley: The Power of Feedback

Stephen Dinham: Powerful Teacher Feedback

Assessing the best method of learning: The Scotsman


Have a look at NSW DEC’s CESE 5 Keys to Student Wellbeing

A multidimensional approach to measuring well-being in students: Application of the PERMA framework [PDF]

Building Resilience: A Model to Support Children and Young People – Victoria Dept of Education

Principles for Health & Wellbeing – Victoria Dept of Education

QUT’s Resourceful Adolescent Program

Safe Schools Hub


Interview with Prof Ian Shochet – Link to his Publications

beyondblue’s Senseability Program

Black Dog Institute’s HeadStrong Program

Black Dog Institute’s BiteBack website

Celebrating Strengths

The Healthy Minds Program

Growing Great Schools

Wellbeing Australia